3rd IEEE International Workshop on Empirical Requirements Engineering
(EmpiRE 2013) @ RE 2013
, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The third International Workshop on Empirical Requirements Engineering (EmpiRE) aims to increase the cross-fertilization of Empirical Software Engineering (ESE) methods and Requirements Engineering (RE) by actively encouraging the exchange of ideas to understand why and how the empirical methods from ESE can help to assess and improve existing or new approaches in RE. Throughout their history, EmpiRE workshops have built upon a strong community to improve research methods as well as industrial processes in the domain of RE.


We welcome papers on topics related to the application of ESE research methods in RE. In particular:

  • Research methods and evaluation techniques in RE (e.g. experiments, systematic reviews, mapping studies, focus groups, grounded theory, interview-based studies, technical action research, and case studies);
  • Surveys on state-of-the-art RE practices in industry;
  • Critical factors, properties and metrics of RE approaches to be empirically evaluated;
  • Approaches and techniques to conduct empirical studies and comparative evaluations;
  • Different types of approaches and techniques to evaluate RE research;
  • Experimental designs for empirical studies in RE;
  • Frameworks and infrastructures for empirical studies;
  • Definition and development of benchmarks for experimental evaluations;
  • Reporting on the results of empirical studies about techniques, methods and tools in RE;
  • Lessons learned in running empirical studies and comparative evaluations;
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses of empirical and comparative evaluation approaches;

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