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September 23rd - 30th, 2012
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Doctoral Symposium

As with previous editions, ICSM 2012 will feature a double doctoral symposium:

  1. Pre-doctoral: The first part is dedicated to PhD students in the midst of their doctoral studies in the field of software maintenance, who intend to finish their PhD within the next two years (2013-2014). This symposium aims to provide PhD students with an opportunity to present their ongoing work, to interact with other researchers in the field, and to get constructive feedback from senior researchers. Participants will discuss their goals, methods, and results at an early stage in their research.
  2. Post-doctoral: The second part is dedicated to researchers who have delivered their PhD dissertations in the area of software maintenance and evolution within the last 2 years (2010-2011). This symposium aims to provide a forum for post-docs to present the highlights of their work to the ICSM community. Moreover, participants will be asked to reflect on the PhD process itself, and share some lessons learned with PhD students as well as PhD advisors.

How to submit

Submissions to both doctoral symposiums will be done via Easychair. Submitted documents must adhere to the IEEE conference publication format. The easychair page of the ICSM 2012 PhD symposium is located at https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=icsm2012phd

For the pre-doctoral symposium the submission should not exceed 4 pages and must include:

  1. a statement of the technical problem addressed and its importance;
  2. a description of the specific research hypothesis or questions you are investigating;
  3. a sketch of the research methodology and proposed solution;
  4. a description of the adopted evaluation method and the result obtained so far;
  5. the expected contributions of your PhD research.

For the post-doctoral symposium the submission should not exceed 6 pages and must include:

  1. a synopsis of your PhD dissertation (how would you like your PhD to be remembered by the ICSM research community);
  2. future work for the community (to be addressed by an upcoming generation of PhD students);
  3. lessons learned about the PhD process (what worked well for you? what could have worked better?).


The Program Committee of the Doctoral Symposium will evaluate submissions for both the pre-doctoral and post-doctoral symposium based on their originality and technical soundness. Submissions for the post-doctoral symposium will also be evaluated based on the relevance for the ICSM community. Accepted submissions will appear in the ICSM conference proceedings, and authors are expected to attend the symposium.

Presentation and publication

The author of each accepted submission must register and attend ICSM 2012. The post-doctoral symposium will be a part of the main technical program of ICSM, and each paper will be formally presented to the broad ICSM audience. Details on the presentations will be communicated upon acceptance.

To encourage a full and open exchange of ideas, the pre-doctoral symposium will be a closed-door event where only the authors and the panel members will participate. The authors will also be able to present a poster on their work during the poster session. Details on the presentations will be communicated upon acceptance.

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